A while ago I made a module (Chucky) that allows to connect a Wii classic controller to a Gadgeteer mainboard. Finally got some time to build a mounting rig that attaches to a Wii controller and allows you to put all necessary modules. The goal was to make it easy to assemble/disassemble and no extra modifications for the Wii controller. Here is what I have ended up with:


I’ve used 1/8 and 1/4 thick plywood and a 1/8 in diameter bronze rod. Two small pieces of rod glued to the only 1/4 thick “base” piece that goes into the screw holes at the back of the Wii controller. The rest of the 1/8 thick pieces are interlocked with each other and the base. (I have put a small piece of electric tape on one of the “pegs” that holds the base much better)


Here are more pictures of the whole thing put together.



I have used plastic standoffs and various screws to attach all the modules:


That is the FEZ Spider attached at the back of the main mounting plate.


A fellow Fezzer taylorza ported the Mini Pacman game for Fez Spider. He has used joystick and button modules. To make my module work, I had to add a custom input provider that wraps the Chucky driver. It was very easy to do. The full source code of the game can be downloaded from Codeplex. Chucky Gadgeteer driver code and example is on Codeshare, same goes for the Chuky custom input provider code.

Here it is running on my “console”:


I have started porting Space Invaders for Gadgeteer, so keep in touch for the update.